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Endowment Fund

40th Anniversary

It’s astonishing to believe that the Laramie Soup Kitchen has been providing meals in the community for 40+ years! Started by a group of women who had the heart to fulfill a need in the community, it has grown into the nonprofit that it is today.

There are so many things that could be said about the last 40+ years, but really, we are thankful for the foundation those years have built as we look forward to the legacy that will continue for the next 40 years and beyond.

This endowment fund was started for the Laramie Soup Kitchen during our 40th year (2023) and has already grown through the generous support of individuals across the community.


Would you consider joining them to help fund the future
of the Laramie Soup Kitchen in perpetuity?

Visit the WY Community Foundation's

secure payment portal to process your donation.

Please note that any donations made to the endowment fund should be considered in addition to and outside of your normal giving (which are critical to support daily operations).

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