Thanksgiving Donations

Thank you for your support!

Laramie Interfaith, Laramie Connections Center, and the Laramie Soup Kitchen are partnering to ensure Thanksgiving Dinner is available to all in our community in need.


Laramie Soup Kitchen will be offering microwavable Thanksgiving Dinners To-Go, with roasted turkey and all the fixings prepared by their chef. Great for individuals, smaller families, ones without ovens, or maybe just those too busy to prepare a full meal at home.

307-460-1605     -

To sign up to RECEIVE a Microwavable Thanksgiving Dinner:

Laramie Interfaith will be offering boxes with items needed to make a Thanksgiving Dinner at home, along with a voucher for a turkey from a local grocery store. Great for families that want the cooking experience or have a larger family to feed. 

307-742-4240     -

To sign up to RECEIVE a Thanksgiving Box:

Laramie Connections Center will be offering food delivery to those who are home bound or otherwise unable to leave their house. They are looking for volunteers to help with food delivery.  307-206-0607     -

Both the Laramie Soup Kitchen and Laramie Interfaith are in need of food donations and monetary support, especially financial donations to Laramie Interfaith to fund the turkey vouchers
($20.00 per voucher)

Be sure to include a memo about the donation being for Thanksgiving! 

Below are the food items needed.
This list is updated regularly so checkback before going to the store. 

Donations for Laramie Soup Kitchen can be dropped off
Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 

Donations for Laramie Interfaith can be dropped off
Monday through Thursday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 


(At least 15# Please)

Interfaith: Instead of Fresh Turkeys, please donate to the voucher program. $20 buys one voucher!
Soup Kitchen: Filled Need 0 of 68

Sweet Potatoes

(40 oz. Cans)

Interfaith: Filled Need 0 of 495

Soup Kitchen: Filled Need 0 of 120

Green Beans

(14.5 oz. Cans)

Interfaith: Need 314 of 1315

Soup Kitchen: Filled Need 0 of 134


(6 oz. Boxes)

Interfaith: Need 236 of 575

Soup Kitchen: Need 44 of 100

Graham Crackers

(14.5 oz. Boxes)

Interfaith: Need 34 of 250

Soup Kitchen: Filled Need 0 of 9

Dinner Rolls

(10 - 12 Count)

Interfaith: Need 20 of 500

(36 Count)

Soup Kitchen: Filled Need 0 of 14

Frozen Preferred, Fresh okay if closer to Thanksgiving.

Extra Items Needed

Interfaith: Corn, Cornbread

Mashed Potatoes

(13.75 oz. Boxes)

Interfaith: Need 294 of 500

Soup Kitchen: Filled Need 0 of 34

Cream of Mushroom

(10.5 oz. Cans)

Interfaith: Need 523 of 1315

Soup Kitchen: Filled Need 0 of 68

French Fried Onions

(6 oz. Container)

Interfaith: Need 156 of 500

Soup Kitchen: Filled Need 0 of 120

Gravy - Turkey

(.75 oz. Packet)

Interfaith: Need 362 of 575

Soup Kitchen: Filled Need 0 of 268


(15 oz. Can)

Interfaith: Need 114 of 500

Soup Kitchen: Need 8 of 40

Cranberry Sauce

(14 oz. Can)

Interfaith: Need 178 of 575

Soup Kitchen: Filled Need 0 of 57

Laramie Soup Kitchen

More Than A Meal
Phone: 307-460-1605

Located in the lower-level of

St. Matthew's Episcopal Cathedral

Mailing Address: 104 S 4th St., Suite 101
Laramie, WY  82070