COVID-19 Update: With the closure of public spaces, the Laramie Soup Kitchen can no longer allow volunteers to help. We hope you will consider volunteering for us in the future when the restrictions are lifted. Sign up for our volunteer newsletter below to get emails about available opportunities. 


**It is very important to read and understand ALL the following Rules and Responsibilities of the Laramie Soup Kitchen as outlined in this document. By signing in, you are acknowledging that you have read all Rules and Responsibilities and understand that you are held to the standards as outlined below.**

Welcome! We are glad that you have chosen to volunteer your time at the Laramie Soup Kitchen.

To provide a bit of background, the Laramie Soup Kitchen was started in 1983 by a group of local church women who served between 10 – 12 people in whatever space was available. In 1988, the Laramie Soup Kitchen found a home at St. Matthews and, 30 years later, we now serve between 75 – 100 people each day!


Our Mission:
 The Laramie Soup Kitchen is passionate about improving the quality of life for our guests by
providing hot, nutritious meals, a comfortable place for social interaction, and
information about the network of services available to those in need. It’s a place where all are welcome to enjoy meals at no cost in a friendly and safe environment.


We hope that you enjoy your time here and we encourage you to spend some of that time
sharing the day’s meal and a conversation with some of our guests.

Before you volunteer:

  • Are you in good health?

    • We ask that all volunteers be in good health, if you are experiencing ANY symptoms of illness (coughing, runny nose, fever, nausea, sore throat, etc.) we kindly ask that you choose another time to volunteer. Our guest’s health and the safety of our food is our top priority.

  • Do you have appropriate clothing, hair, and footwear?

    • Clothing should be clean and secured (to prevent contact with food). Aprons are available for your use.

    • Long hair must be tied up and facial hair well kept.

    • Closed toed shoes are mandatory. You cannot volunteer if you are not wearing appropriate footwear. Closed toed shoes are shoes that do not have any openings, holes, or slits in the front or sides of the shoe.

  • Pack away your headphones.

    • Headphones are NOT permitted while volunteering.

  • Did you see our commercial stove?

    • The commercial stove runs much hotter on the outside than a traditional home stove and the pilot lights on the top of the stove are always lit. Please be cautious when using the stove and NEVER place anything on top of the stove or flat top without permission from the Kitchen Staff.

  • Sign In!

    • You must sign in to the log book each time that you come in to volunteer. Your hours matter in helping us write grant proposals and track progress.

  • Be Respectful!

    • Please refrain from using profanity, slurs, or other inappropriate language.

Rules and Responsibilities:

  • After you sign in, begin by washing your hands at the designated Hand Wash Sink.

    • Always wash your hands between tasks and after eating, using the restroom, blowing your nose, smoking, or touching anything other than the food or tools that you are working with.

    • Be thorough! A proper hand washing guide is provided next to the sink for your convenience.

  • Listen to all instructions; ask questions if you do not understand what is being asked of you. If you are uncomfortable with a task, please let a Staff member know and we will be happy to find another one for you.

  • There is no smoking in the building. If you smoke, stay away from the entryway and dispose of cigarette butts in the provided receptacle.

    • Please check with a Staff member before taking a smoke break.

    • Taking out recycles/trash or helping someone bring in donation from their vehicle are NOT appropriate times for a smoke break.

  • To clean tables and prep surfaces use the bleach sanitizer solution found in the green buckets located in the kitchen and dining room.

    • While this solution should not stain or damage clothing, it is effective at killing germs. After using the rag, always make sure to fully submerge the rag in the solution when putting it back. This helps keep it germ free. In addition, please do not place buckets on the floor, as this is a violation of health code.

    • This bleach solution will also be used for cleaning tasks listed on the “Volunteer To-Do List” unless another cleaning product is specified.  

  • Gloves will be provided for you for a variety of tasks. Please wear gloves when working with food that will not be cooked (salad, desserts, etc.) or when working with eggs or meat.

    • Gloves are NEVER a substitute for hand washing.

    • When preparing or serving food, do NOT touch your face, hair, clothing, cleaning products, or anything other than the food or serving/cooking utensils while wearing gloves.

    • Always change your gloves between tasks; don’t worry about using too many.
      Gloves prevent food-borne illness and keep our guests safe.

  • We recycle! All cardboard, plastic, cans, and paper will be recycled. Please follow Kitchen Staff’s instructions on where to recycle what.

  • To minimize food waste, we use “chicken buckets”. These chicken buckets are for food scraps ONLY. Please do not dispose of any gloves, paper towels or other non-food items in the chicken buckets.

  • For the safety and privacy of all, please inform Kitchen Staff if you see any inappropriate behavior including: violent or wild behavior, verbal abuse, harassment, drug or weapon possession, or someone appearing to be under the influence of a controlled substance.

  • If you injure yourself in any way while volunteering, please let a Kitchen Staff member know immediately.

    • A first aid kit is available for cuts, burns, or other minor injuries as needed.

  • Do not disclose names or any information about guests to those outside of the organization.

  • Maintain appropriate boundaries with guests.

    • Never give guests rides or monetary assistance.

    • Do not share personal information with guests.

    • Do not make arrangements to help guests on your own (with housing, jobs, etc.).

    • Never promise something to a guest without first checking with Kitchen Staff.